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We help people with zero business background or tech experience create & upload faceless YouTube videos that make money*

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Join the program that has helped thousands of people get started with YouTube Automation

Our unique method makes earning money on YouTube accessible to almost anyone, regardless of background or skills!

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YouTube Automation Video Course

The course is the foundation of our program. We are making constant updates to make sure it covers everything you need to know about YouTube Automation!

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Winning Community

Grow Channels is the best and biggest YouTube Automation paid community on earth with over 2,000+ active members and still growing!

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Live Coaching Calls

Inside the community, you can attend weekly live calls hosted by our founder, Razvan, and many other coaches covering different topics about the business model!

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All the tools you need

You get access to different useful tools carefully made by YouTube Automation channel owners, for YouTube Automation channel owners!

Real videos from real people

We've helped thousands of people upload their first faceless video on YouTube and start earning money*

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A new era in the creator economy: normal people going from consumers to creators

YouTube paid out over $10 BILLION dollars to its creators in 2023 alone... and we're on a mission to make earning money on the platform through faceless videos accessible to anyone.

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Real feedback from our students

Read why thousands of students love GrowChannels.com and how they reached financial freedom*

What a community

Wow what a community. So hi, I’m Hemang. New to this so looking to forward to join this fantastic community, and share ideas in helping each other succeed. A massive hello to all!


20,000 Subscribers

Just woke up and saw I reached 20K subs this morning. Time to unlock shopping features and double down on my income opportunities 🙌


Guys! Our highest month was 12,000 in PROFIT!

This is insane! We are not the most active people in this group, but we want to change that. Sometimes you are not aware of the knowledge you have already gained and that it could help other students to become successful too..


Over $2K a month earned on a single channel

November not completely processed but over 2K for the month 😊. Single channel. Looking to get more done in the future..


I passed the $2K mark

With 3 more days to go for the month I passed the $2K mark 😌. How are you going?


I'm currently at $30k for November

Do you know what's the record for the highest paid month? I'm currently at $30k for November, my goal is $50k haha


in 2.5 months I've made $5618USD

I was monetized in 3.5 months and made my first $$ in December 2023. I can't report of any $40k months (yet!) but in 2.5 months I've made $5618USD or in "my" world $8590 AUD.



Martin V doing 40,000 DOLLARS off 1 SINGLE VIDEO that took less than $100 to produce


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a YouTube Automation Channel?

A YouTube Automation channel is nothing else but a faceless YouTube channel, where instead of doing all the work ourselves, we outsource it to other people (online freelancers).

How much money does it cost to start?

If you are looking to outsource all the work and turn your channel into a passive income stream, you will need a couple hundred dollars per month for content creation costs*.

Do I need to have any tech or business experience?

No. In fact, most of our successful students joined Grow Channels as complete beginners with no previous knowledge or experience. We will provide you all the information and tools you need.

How much time does it take to do this?

While the answer is different for every person, our programs are structured to make YouTube Automation accessible for everyday people who can only dedicate a couple of hours per week to it.